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Certification Programs


1. Besser Associates Online RF Technology Certificate Program - click here to see program outline.

2. Besser Associates RF Wireless Design Certificate Program - see below


Besser Associates RF Wireless Design Certificate Program

Executive Summary

The Besser Associates advantage: Practical, "real world" information you can apply immediately to your projects.

All Besser Associates' instructors have substantial industry experience, which ensures that you will receive practical knowledge that improves job performance, not just lectures based on theory and equations. Besser Associates understands that in a world where technology can change at a moment's notice, relevant training provides an essential competitive advantage.

Besser Associates RF Wireless Design Certificate Program is comprised of:

I. Completion of the following Besser Associates courses:

1. Applied RF Techniques or RF Design Courses
These five-day courses provides circuit-level designers with the fundamental concepts needed to work effectively with high frequency electronics. Participants gain analytical, graphical, and computer-aided techniques to analyze and optimize RF circuits in practical situations. The course addresses linear active circuit design, focusing on stability, bandwidth, and noise considerations.

2. RF Wireless Systems Design Courses
These three or five day courses combine theory with real-life examples providing participants with a complete foundation in digital communication techniques and their effects on RF circuit parameters, closing the gap between traditional RF engineering design and the needs of modern communication systems.

3. RF Measurements: Principles and Demonstrations
This course will explain the the RF measurements necessary on modern wireless communications equipment. The newest models of RF test equipment will be explained and demonstrated, including vector network analyzers, spectrum analyzers, digitally modulated signal generators.

4. Advanced Wireless Courses:
These three or five-day courses provide participants with an in-depth examination of advanced RF and microwave design techniques. Non-linear design topics on mixers, oscillators, and power amplifiers are discussed. Considerable attention is devoted to defining, classifying and improving the efficiency and linearity of power amplifiers.

II. Passing the Certification Exams administered at the end of each course


Participants should hold a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering or have equivalent practical experience.

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