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What Will 5G Be? Free Webcast March 2

What Will 5G Be? Free Webcast March 2

Jan 2017

Besser Associates is pleased to offer a free webcast on 5G on March 2 at 9AM Pacific Time. This webinar will provide an overview of areas 5G will address.  We will begin with a discussion on the shortcomings of present day cellular systems to highlight the items needing to be addressed in 5G.  Provide the overall 5G goals and pillar use cases as defined by ITU.  Several deployment options will be provided and summary of the 3GPP scenarios provided.  Key system parameters will be discussed and the impact of 5G to a Cloud-RAN network architecture will be highlighted. 

  • Shortcomings of existing Cellular Standards
  • 5G Goals & Use Cases
  • Deployments Options
  • System Parameters (Spectrum & Role of LTE)
  • Impact to C-RAN (Front Haul and Back Haul)
  • Conclusions

Our goal is to give you a very good understanding of the driving forces requiring 5G, the essential technologies required for 5G to be successful and its impact to our network. Register now for the live event!

Dr. Boccuzzi will be presenting his three day course on 5G this May 8-10 in San Diego, CA. He has been presenting this material to large audiences at the top smart phone manufacturers in the world. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from an industry leader!

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