Classroom Teaching

Bring Our RF/Wireless Training to Your Site!

Any of our courses can be presented on-site at your location at a time that is convenient to you. On-site training is available for domestic and international locations and has the following benefits:

  • protects proprietary information.
  • avoids logistics and travel costs associated with training large numbers of people off-site.
  • permits critical-function employees to be accessible for work while taking a class.
  • frees engineers' time to design products rather than administrate training needs.
  • schedule the course when you want it.

As a rule of thumb, on-site training becomes economically favorable when you have approximately eight participants needing the course. Customers often poll other groups within their organization or even invite attendees from other companies to attend to take the best advantage of the training opportunity.


The general process for conducting training at your facility is (not necessarily in sequential order):

  1. request a budgetary quote for training from Besser Associates
  2. get necessary budgetary approval from your organization
  3. confirm or customize materials to be covered in the course outline
  4. schedule the course based on your needs and instructor availability
  5. enjoy the training!

Next Steps: 

You can request more information about planning a course at your site with no obligation. You can either:

  1. Provide some basic information on our Corporate Training Request form, or
  2. Simply browse our course catalog for a course that interests you, then click on the "Request information about bringing this course to your site" link from the course description page.

Your RF/Wireless Training Department

Besser Associates can offer you an outsourcing solution to your RF/Wireless training needs. Our courses are already integrated into training catalogs of major industry players. In addition, we can provide you with:

  • A custom education web portal with your company branding and course catalog

    See a sample co-branded website

  • Co-branded online learning management system for web-based content

Contact our office for more details.

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